1. For orders placed before 4pm, it will be same day delivery unless otherwise noted (point 3). 

2. For orders placed after 4pm, delivery will be fulfilled next day any time between 10am- 7pm.

3. For specific delivery date & time, you can choose between three time slots in the shopping cart.

You may call 91528855 if you have any urgent requests with regards to your order, any amendments, or if you'd like to cancel your order. 



1. For orders below $70 - $10 island-wide*

2. For orders above $70 - FREE island-wide

*We are working with riders who have lost their jobs during this period, so the delivery fee charged is our initiative to help the community at large. 



If you're sending a gift and you'd like to include a note, please include the text in the special instructions window of your shopping cart. Be sure to sign off with a name or the recipient may not know who the gift is from.



1. As the majority of our products are temperature-sensitive, we make all efforts to pack every order with sufficient ice packs or dry ice to arrive safely and satisfactorily. Please immediately place all ice creams in the freezer. Cakes can be stored in the chiller if they will be consumed in the same day.

2. For our waffle kones, due to the fragile nature of these items, there is a chance they may crack or break during delivery.



1. We recommend consuming all ice creams within one week of delivery as we do not add any stabilisers or preservatives to our products to extend the shelf-life.

2. We recommend consuming our cakes within 3 days from delivery.



1. 10" cakes serve 12 pax (more if slices are cut smaller than our standard slices). Same day delivery is possible without a dedication. 24-hours pre-order for cakes with dedication. Please indicate the dedication in the special instructions window of your shopping cart.

2. 7" cakes also serve 12 pax (but the slices are proportionally smaller to the 10"). This special size is a 48-hour pre-order regardless of dedication. Please indicate the dedication in the special instructions window of your shopping cart.

3. Any orders that require candles (only standard size available), please indicate the requested amount in the special instructions window of your shopping cart.